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22, she/her, pt, cishet, white, oct 1st
mbtialignmentsun sign
infj-tchaotic goodlibra


" i'll do as i please. "

yes yes: animation, videogames, desserts, comfy clothes, photography, plushies and my cats! (mochi and poki)

no no: discourse, hating on things that i like, unnecessary violence, loud sounds

favorite shows & games +
comfort characters & ships + friends

important!! ♡

please read this!!

byf: my accs are not spoiler free; i'm an adult; i mainly tweet about videogames/anime; nsfw free but sometimes i horny tweet; pls softblock when breaking the mutual; i barely reply to dms because of my anxiety but i like interacting with my mutuals! :D

dfi: fit the basic dfi criteria; engage in fanwars/problematic discussions; nsfw/spam only acc; you hate on a person because they like a fictional character or a story (eg, a villain); sexualize minors (irl or fictionally)

🚫 fb: you're a minor (current oomfs are ok!); do not have a carrd; don't share at least a few common interests; problematic; private acc; joke/hate any of my comfort characters

tw: suicide, self-harm, animal abuse, jumpscares, insects, torture

important!! ♡

other notes!!

📝 notes: if i do something wrong/following someone problematic, tell me! i'm still learning and will always want to do better.

i can't stress this enough, but I feel really uncomfortable seeing any character/series hate of things that i like, and would prefer you not follow me at all if there's something that i like that you don't!

my current interests change a lot, so today i might be talking about a game and tomorrow about something else (or even in a spawn of minutes). so my acc is never really consistent!

#priv twitter: only friends and really close mutuals (with also private twitter accounts), dm me for it!

#discord: only ask for discord if we're close mutuals!

#switch code / genshin uid: if we're mutuals feel free to dm for codes!

happy place!! ♡

comfort characters

animanga: sakura kinomoto, phosphophyllite, vanitas, kobato, lina inverse, ochaco uraraka, nadeshiko kagamihara, victor nikiforov, chii, meimi haneoka, roy mustang

videogames: kirby, cloud strife, zack fair, aerith gainsborough, 9s, link, akechi goro, akiren, kaeya alberich, diluc ragnvindr, klee, miles edgeworth

comfort ships

animanga: sakura & syaoran, phos & antarc, filia & xellos, edward & winry, howl & sophie, yato & hiyori, yuuri & victor, kobato & fujimoto, xie lian & hua cheng

videogames: zack & cloud, aerith & tifa, cloud & tifa, 9s & 2b, akiren & akechi, wright & edgeworth, link & zelda, childe & kaeya, childe & diluc

favorites!! ♡


animanga: cardcaptor sakura, slayers, fma: brotherhood, sailor moon, vanitas no carte, houseki no kuni, trigun, saint tail, ashita no nadja, yuri on ice, cowboy bebop, chobits, fushigi yuugi, kanata kara, maison ikkoku, versailles no bara, revolutionary girl utena

cartoons: bee and puppycat, castlevania, avatar: the last airbender

videogames: kirby, nier: automata, final fantasy 7, persona 5, legend of zelda, animal crossing, splatoon 2, ace attorney, kingdom hearts, klonoa, undertale, deltarune, pokemon, a hat in time, gravity rush, pd: future tone, detroit: become human

comics: ava's demon, lore olympus, linked universe

friends!! ♡


you are all so important to me,
thank you for existing! [♡ - besties]

music!! ♡

" i've learned something... you're a very kind child."